Toyota Forever Breezy - PAUL CALVER
Toyota Forever Breezy

New Campaign for Toyota – Forever Breezy

– Paul Calver

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Agency – The & Partnership
Creatives – Andreas Lefteris & Élson Rodrigues
Art Buyer – Emma Modler
Agency Producer – Dale Chapman
Retouching – Barry Craig

This campaign was shot alongside a brilliant moving image piece directed by Richard Peter Hunter.  The advert is described below:

“A bloke with a magnificent barnet stars in this, ahem, breezy Toyota ad. Like a pop diva with endless resources, the man wafts through life with an eternal fan turned his way – hair always rippling through the air to demonstrate his permanently laid-back nature. It’s all down to the advertised marque’s extended warranty and its seemingly supernatural powers of relaxation.”

– Richard Peter Hunter

This shoot was a real covid guideline challenge. In order for me to capture these stills safely alongside the motion crew, we had to figure out a way to release the camera, whilst being nowhere near the camera at all! Phase Ones ethernet tethering came to the rescue, allowing us to connect and control the camera up to 100m away.

So safely tucked away in the bedroom upstairs, my assistant and I captured the entire campaign remotely. We obviously had to dip into the room in-between each scene and adjust the cameras angle and focal length accordingly. Making sure our stills complimented the motion piece but also formed a unique set of images.

This one was pretty extreme, but one we managed to solve with the right combination of tech, patience and a solid understanding of the overall production.